Man Is Spun Focused Into Toroidal Sequence (MISFITS)

Before being presented here on Earth, long long ago in the mists of a timeless past. We were all pure intelligent energy, pure awareness, pure being-less being, intangible and perfection in pure essence . Then from that motionlessness blissful stateless state. We were ‘MOVED’ and expelled into motion, by a rising of an INTENTION withinContinue reading “Man Is Spun Focused Into Toroidal Sequence (MISFITS)”


‘WE’ all became something out of no-thing the moment we became engaged in MOTION, and were stirred from Eternal stillness and perpetual bliss. Were then cast out of EDEN , cast out of perpetual stillness, into a maelstrom of violent incoherent chaos. Before motion was BORN ‘WE’ were all NO-THING rather ‘WE’ were Absolute IntelligenceContinue reading “SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING (SOON)”


The eternal infinite now enfolds awareness, and awareness enfolds the eternal now, both are really one of the same thing. The now and awareness are both motionless eternally ever present still and silent. Motion does not exist within awareness or the now moment. It is only expressed life, and here expressed life means ‘that whichContinue reading “NOW ENFOLDS AWARENESS TRULY. (NEAT)”

NO ONE There Except SELF. (NOTES)

We have been brought up here in the west particularly to seek help and guidance from outside of ourselves. And God or a higher power is seen as being apart from who we are. This blog is about the realising that this idea is totally false and therefore needs revaluating into what I feel andContinue reading “NO ONE There Except SELF. (NOTES)”

Monadic Energy Numen Unifying Souls. MENUS.

We are a collection of unifying energies, that make up a complete Being. A being that exists simultaneously on five dimensions of expression. The The monadic aspect of our being can be seen as the spirit (numen) part of us which is at the core of our expression, within the five dimensions , this EarthContinue reading “Monadic Energy Numen Unifying Souls. MENUS.”

Theories Versus Actual Living Experiences.

There are more theories than there are grains of sand on any given beach. Theories abound and have done for centuries, some theories eventually coalesce into proven facts, others are just forgotten. The big difference I feel between theories and experiences are that you can argue with theories, and say this cannot be so, butContinue reading “Theories Versus Actual Living Experiences.”


Mankind is a living example of something that present day science say cannot exist, and does not exist, and that is a ‘SOLID SHADOW’ , I maintain that every human being is in fact a ‘SOLID SHADOW’ and that the whole of humanity are indeed ‘Shadow Walkers’. We are all basically and fundamentally made ofContinue reading “SHADOW WALKERS IN RELATIVE LOCATION (SWIRL)”

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