70% of this universe is dark energy and 25% of the universe is dark matter leaving only barely 5% of the universe matter and motioning life. To me that means that this universe is only 5% evolved with 95% still to become online, in the distant becoming. Dark matter and dark energy are the collectiveContinue reading “DARK UNCONSCIOUSNESS MATTER BECOMING. (DUMB).”


Motional emergence began at the very moment that the Primordial Intention wave arose within the Absolute Infinite Mind of Brahman. At that causeless cause point, motion was born aloft upon the carrier thought wave of the Absolute. Motion rose aloft from within motionlessness. At this point before the universe was born, the arising THOUGHT WAVEContinue reading “MOTIONAL EMERGENCE. (ME).”

WALL CLIMB. — Site Title Finding the SELF.

The title of this blog called WALL CLIMB spells out this; “WE ARE LIQUID LIGHT CONDENSED LIFE IN MATERIAL BODY” =WALL CLIMB. our physical bodies are made out of congealed light energy. Our natural Absolute stateless state is that of omnipresent ubiquitous fluidic energy, which is basically that of liquid light the stateless state of […]Continue reading “WALL CLIMB. — Site Title Finding the SELF.”


Singularity eternal life force is the SELF, and the SELF is GOD/BRAHMAN/ALLAH/ Great White Spirit/ or whatever name you care to chose it matters not one jot what you call that which just “IS”. ‘WE’ too are all part on this “IS” ,which is the ONLY reality. All else except that which “IS” ,is anContinue reading “SINGULARITY ETERNAL LIFE FORCE (SELF).”

Site Title Finding the SELF.

This site is about finding out who we really are.


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