The title of this blog is SERVICE, which spells out SEEK-EMERGE-REVEAL-VIBRATE INFORM-CREATE-ENERGISE, What is life? Living-Intelligent-Focused-Energy. What is the purpose of this energy? TO BE OF SERVICE. Service is the highest law that exists within this universe. Service is that of “LOVE IN ACTION” The whole universe serves all that is contained within it totally.Continue reading “SERVICE.”

Perpetual Omniscience Energy Motions.(POEM)

The poem of expressed life is written in the very word UNI-VERSE, the verse is the poetry in motion, perpetual motion is the cosmic dance tango rhythm, and the UNI means that the whole rhythm of expressed life which is intelligent energy dances to the MASTER TONE of the ubiquitous mighty OM the master toneContinue reading “Perpetual Omniscience Energy Motions.(POEM)”

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