“WE” unconsciously Created The Astral Realms.

Carl Gustav Jung well knew about the Astral realms, and his work on the Collective Unconsciousness of the human race, was testament to his familiarity with this phenomena occurring within humanity. The Astral realms are basically “holding stations” for souls to rest up, take stock of their last incarnation, then depending upon their position alongContinue reading ““WE” unconsciously Created The Astral Realms.”


We the human race are all SELF/GOD, manifesting within a physical vehicle we call the human physical body. Outwardly we are physical biological machines and inwardly we are Divine reference points of the ONE ABSOLUTE SELF/GOD. Each one of us, which runs into many around 7.7 billion souls in all. Each human being is aContinue reading “SPIRIT EXPRESSING LIFE FORCE. (SELF)”


Man can become transfigured exactly like Jesus did two thousand years ago, and what’s more others to have achieved this high state of perfect COLD FUSION. When we have been deeply meditating for some years, we can begin to enter the state called SAMADHI. There are many levels or stages of SAMADHI , the veryContinue reading “TRANSFIGURATION OF MANKIND BECOMING (TOMB)”

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