The real Seer within us is the SELF, that part of us that so many are

completely oblivious to. We are all familiar with what is termed our

lower self, which consists of the ego/ mind/ personality and the feeling

of our individuality,( which when we make a connection to our higher

SELF, we discover the illusion of individuality). Ethereal knowing is the

fluidic nature of consciousness, that is encountered when we have succeeded

to still all thoughts and thereby perceive directly the fluid nature of infinite

wisdom that is flashed into the self aware consciousness of the one who is

sitting in meditation deeply. When all thought ceases the mind is no longer

being used, the equation is no thoughts equal no mind. Only consciousness

and awareness are in synch. Our intuition is the major gateway to SELF knowing

intuition is consciousness that has become ‘LOCALISED’ and ‘WRAPPED’

around our “I” AM self aware consciousness singularity point, which then

exits out into physical space within a physical body. The natural state of

consciousness and awareness is Absolute infinite ubiquitous PRESENCE.

Mind, ego, intellect are all different names for one single inner organ. The

mind is only the aggregate of thoughts, thoughts cannot exist but for the

ego, so all thoughts are pervaded by ego. See wherefrom the ‘I’ rises

and the other thoughts will disappear. Our inner monitor the guru within

us all is that of intuition, when the mind is stilled by zero thought , we then

enter into the no-mind state, which is akin to that of pure consciousness which

is a divine fluid the AMBROSIA that flows from the SOURCE of ALL into your

SELF AWARE consciousness, this cosmic consciousness, this fluid wisdom is

downloaded into your inner being, the matrix that is your direct connection

to SOURCE ENERGY, and this knowledge and divine wisdom is flashed into

your being and received by your inner monitor INTUITION.

When the SEER, sees the seen then the SEER is KNOWN as the SELF.

Warmest regards Michael.

Published by michaelneilkirkpatrick

I have been meditating for over forty five years and now being retired and a young 75 year young man, spend some of my time sharing my many experiences and insights into the WAY through my many blogs I have shared over five thousand blogs over the years, and am now sharing on this platform here I am always available to chat or answer questions. Thank you for reading this.


  1. I find it intriguing how words I know from Greek and Roman mythology appear in these blogs eg Ambrosia. It is as though pieces of a puzzle are being put together. Thank you


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