Consciousness is always of something, consciousness is partial and changeful awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent. And is the common matrix of every experience. Consciousness is always conscious of something (dual) awareness is not OF something . It is not even aware OF itself! And thus it is Absolute ,singular nondual. At this pointContinue reading “AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS PART TWO.”

Before Emergence Infinite Numen God (BEING)

Before emergence only the Absolute motionlessness brooded within the its infinite absolute unrealised potentiality, all was as yet unborn, there was an infinite absolute void, zero light, zero darkness, NO THING was there, Being was still. Then motion was born upon an intentional wave and the BEING had stirred into an expression of motion bornContinue reading “Before Emergence Infinite Numen God (BEING)”

Let Inner Voice Emerge (LIVE)

The inner voice is the voice of our intuition, sometimes called the still small voice within, this inner voice is often silent until we are confronted with a crisis, then when our back are up against the wall, we hear from within us, a comforting reassuring inner voice that informs us that we will beContinue reading “Let Inner Voice Emerge (LIVE)”

Waves of Motion becoming (WOMB)

We all our the waves within motion and are all waiting to be fully born out from the womb of ignorance and finite mindfulness . We are all life waves set in motions aeons ago, when the SOURCE stirred from its eternal motionlessness, and manifested motion within its primordial INTENTIONAL THOUGHT WAVE, this manifested motionContinue reading “Waves of Motion becoming (WOMB)”

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